Want To Become A Dark Eagles Staff Member?

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Want To Become A Dark Eagles Staff Member?

Post by The Soldier 24 on Sat 9 Jan 2010 - 10:32

Are you interested in becoming a Dark Eagles Staff member? If so, this is your chance to join Staff to serve the DEL community. Black Eagles is currently seeking Forum Moderators, Site Moderators, and/or Developers to assist in maintaining or developing the BEL main site!

To be considered, you will need:

Moderation/Developer experience:
- This is essential. References to other forums/websites where you've held a moderation/developer role are definite pluses. Mods and Devs have power over a large user base, and it is essential to know not only you know how to use these tools, but that they will not be abused.

Computer-related & programming knowledge:
- Moderators and Developers are expected to have general computer-related (i.e. OS, Networking, etc) AND programming knowledge (i.e. PHP, Perl, etc). This is especially important when moderating specific categories on forum, maintaining articles on site and performing other duties. Knowledge will also be tested during the IRC interview. If applying for Developer, a test will be assigned to test algorithm skills.

Good character:
- As a Staff member, you will have to abide by a set of rules that you might not always agree with. You will have to deal with rude and impatient users. Because of this, having good character is essential.
If you’re interested in joining Black Eagles Staff, please use the application below and e-mail to correct persons in charge:

All Applications: black_eagles@ymail.com

After processing applications, you will be contacted to set up an IRC interview.


Required Information

• Field Experience: (i.e. Forums/websites you've moderated/developed)
• Experienced Languages: (i.e. PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Perl)
• Hobbies: (i.e. Program, BEL Challenges)
• DEL Username(s): (i.e. Monica, Fluffiness)
• Original Join Date: (i.e. Mar 17th 2003)
• Contributions to BEL: (i.e. Donations [$5], Articles [3], Lectures [1])
• Free time per day: (i.e. 2 hours)
• Profiles elsewhere: (i.e. mysite.google.com/Monicapwnz)
• Why mod/dev for us?: (i.e. I love BEL is NOT a good answer. Paragraph expected.)

Extra info is requested but not required:
• Name: (i.e. Monica)
• Your Age: (i.e. 22)
• Location: (i.e. Washington, USA)

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