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Post by sorrowdrake on Sat 30 Jan 2010 - 20:27

Hello everyone!
My real name is Daniel. I'm from Hungary. I'm 20 years old. I was playing MMO's before aion like WoW or GW(still playing GuildWars) so i got about 2 years of MMO experience also i always think i have to learn everything from the start if i play a new game. Mostly spending my freetime recently at my pc because it freezing outside, but i like ice skating and roller blading too. I hope i can be a valuable member of the Legion.


IGN: Azethinel
Class: Assassin
Level: 49


IGN: Azethyx
Class: Cleric
Level: 41

Best wishes, cya & have fun!! Very Happy
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Re: Introduction(hiaay)

Post by ryan1993 on Wed 3 Feb 2010 - 6:39

omg ! another 45above member T_T ! hi ya mate ... im ryan from malaysia ~ demonlair is my char ~ 34 gladi ~ nice to meet you mate !
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