IA Guild thread

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IA Guild thread

Post by Perseas on Thu 5 Nov 2009 - 7:18

I noticed that our guilds thread in infinite aion forum is
at the last places, i think we need to post there 2 to keep
it at the top 5 threads.

But i dont want to spam, so i figured a good way to do that
is by posting the progress of our website and manpower
(how many ppl recruited, classes available, etc.) Wink

Edit: Back to the top 5 again lol! lol! lol!

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Re: IA Guild thread

Post by The Soldier 24 on Thu 5 Nov 2009 - 7:28

Well nothing bad came from trying Wink

I have not come this far to die now!!!!
The Soldier 24

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