Ready for the Grind

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Ready for the Grind

Post by Lucif on Sun 14 Mar 2010 - 19:02

Hello to all current and soon to be DarkEagles, My in-game name is Rudica and I'm a lvl 19 Ranger looking for a place to call home. I've had too many people just send me invites to parties, guilds, and duels so there is a community I could possibly join. The problem is, no one tries to get to know you before sending said invites. There's no dialogue between me and the person trying to get my attention, so I don't bother to answer back. If you can't communicate with me right off the bat, then a good party or teammate you will not make. SO I decided to take the first step and look around for a guild to join. Maybe this is the one for me. I am asmodian, of course and I am on the Siel server of infinite Aion. Thanks in advance if you choose to send me an invite. Very Happy


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