Al3x24 Introduction [THE ADMIN]

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Al3x24 Introduction [THE ADMIN]

Post by The Soldier 24 on Thu 5 Nov 2009 - 14:21

Hi there this is your Admin introduction
The Basics:
Name: Alex
Age: 15
Birthday: 29/05/1995
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student, PC Addict
Experience: I've led a guild of 500+ members before. Yep.
Analysis: I'm young but I could probably kick your ass. Ohboy.

My Experience:

If you're going to spend your time into this guild, I think it's important for you to know exactly what I can offer you, and to know exactly what experience I've had in the field. (Heck, I wouldn't want to join a serious guild if the leader was a complete nub).

So, let me boost your morale: I've had experience with powerhouse guilds, and I've had loads of it.

A couple of years ago I led a guild of over 500 players on the popular MMORPG, WOW TBC(World of Warcraft:The Burning Crusade). We were a happy community and had over 20 officers to man the demanding amount of members.

Thanks to such dedicated officers and active players, we were one heck of a guild. We leveled together and we were one of the best together.

Hell, we coulda kicked yo momma's ass together. >:C

YES I like to joke a lot, so shoot me. At least you guys know I'm fun and not some sort of brainless zombie.

What I Want To Do:

I want to make a legion which is serious, dedicated and motivated toward being the best. If we all want to get to the top, we will get to the top. But I don’t just want it to be all work. I want us to be a community which will get on well with each other and have fun along the way – I plan on holding events, yes I do! ;D

Black Eagles Legion will be primarily based around PvPvE, so we’ll mainly be in the Abyss kicking Elyos and Balaur ass.

With my experience and your dedication, we can make a guild that the Elyos fear and the Asmodians want to join.

...and make the Balaur shit bricks if they weren't just computer generated pixels of mass destruction.

What I Can Do For You:

I have the experience of a Guild Leader so I can manage this guild and make sure things run smoothly. If there’s a problem I’ll do my best to fix it and if you need help I’ll do my best to help.

Also, I’m a bit of an Aion nerd, so if you need any information or help with equipment I’m at your service. I’m always willing to help since we’re in this together.

I’ll also be managing raids as well as helping you with leveling.

So CYA around Wink

I have not come this far to die now!!!!
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