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The Gunner 46 [The 2nd Admin]

Post by The Gunner 46 on Fri 6 Nov 2009 - 6:31

Hi guys this is my presantation as ur favorite admin lol!
The Basics:
Name: Fadio
Nickname:The Gunner
Occupation: Student,Kicking asses on COD and Aion,PC addict
Experience:I'm one of the leaders in the biggest italian clan: The italian Tactical Killera XD
Analysis:If ur searching for someone serious....look for another guy.....if u need someone who knows how to kick've found the best!!!

My Experience:

As I've said before I'm the admin of a big italian clan, its more a CoD and Rainbow Six Vegas clan, but there are nearly 200 ppl from Italy and from Swissland,so I know how to manage a lot of people.

Don't worry...We know how to fix problems XD

I've also helped my friend Alex (our Admin XD) to create this guild and raise it as a big player family,where everyone helps each other and dont just request: "Hey i need some help to kill a boss. Whos with me?" or "Who has some gold to give to me?" Thats not what we want to do.

What I Want To Do:
Alex & I wanna make a legion, but not a simple aion legion, but a players family, where all of us can live as friend of each other, and not as a simple soldier........
I want to make an all purpose Legion, that will not based only in Aion, but in all the games and programs that our members like and wanna play with their friends (in this case, WE!!)

With ur help and our work, we can make this happen, com'on and build this legion with us!!!

What I Can Do For You:

I've got A LOT of experience in aion (example: ive tought to alex how to play :p), so u can ask me what you want about aion and about the server that we play:Infinite Aion.

If u have any problem, not only with Aion, but in whatever you want, just post it in the forum and you will see how fast yourr problem will be fixed LoL

In Aion i can help lvling, killing bosses and make gold faster, i can tank too!!(With a gladiator muhahahha!!)
So dont be afraid to ask help



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