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Post by Andisx on Wed 11 Nov 2009 - 10:42

Hi there this is your Moderator's introduction:

The Basic Info:
Name: Andi aka @nd! (you can call me Andy if you like Razz) (ps. aka= also known as)
Age: 15
Birthday: 28/05/1995
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student
Experience: I've was one of the leaders of the well known Funserver (wowscape/scapegaming) guild "Simplicity"

My Experience:

I've had experince with many WoW guilds.. basicaly thats it but all of those guilds were ENOURMOUS

A couple of years ago together with Alex, I led a guild of over 500 players on the popular MMORPG, WOW TBC(World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade). We were a happy community and had over 20 officers to man the demanding amount of members. We were in the well known server "Underworld"... are were probably the most known guild there

Thanks to such dedicated officers and active players, we were one heck of a guild. We leveled together and we were one of the best together.
Not only in underworld but also Funserver as I've mentioned above I've been a leading officer... & probably thanks to me the guild Simplicity survived...(For those who don't know the guild closed down as te server changed to WOTLK but we remanaged to gather 365 donors back into the most kissAss guild ever Razz

Most people would think I'm some freaky pc addict person but... that's definetly not true.. I like to joke actually HAVE a life Very Happy

What I Want To Do:

I want to help my good friend Alex and Fadio to redo what we have done before....Forge a great guild but this time.. It's AION THE TOWER OF ETERNATY

Black Eagles Legion will be primarily based around PvPvE, so we’ll mainly be in the Abyss kicking Elyos and Balaur ass.

With Alex's, Diu's (Fadio), my experience and your dedication, we can create a guild that the Elyos fear and the Asmodians want to join.

What I Can Do For You:

Well I can basicaly bring you around to whatever you want but my word is not final.. & neither is Diu's.. It's Alex who decides if anything happens or changes.... But if you want to know anything or want me to help you reach your objective please do not hesitate to PM me Very Happy
(I guess I can also change Alex'es mind (We meet at a secret place at 8:00 study )

CYA guys...
Oh and whenever you see the singature By: @nd! it means that it is tested & approved and works if an app or game....
By: @nd!

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