Reports Reasons Described

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Reports Reasons Described

Post by The Soldier 24 on Thu 12 Nov 2009 - 8:49

Wrong Forum
The topic has been posted in the wrong forum.
Bad Language
The post contains foul language, non-English text or flaming.
Double Post
User has already posted the same message or same links before.
The post contains spam, referrals or one-liners.
Profile (*)
Signatures or avatars that are against the rules. eg Excess signature size, inappropriate avatar, advertising in signature.
Dead Link
The post has dead links or an incorrect password.
Uncoded Link
Links are uncoded in this post.
Topic Title
The topic requires tags, has unusual presentations, or incorrect quality labeling.
High Priority (*)
Reports that require urgent attention. eg Viruses, Porn, Phishing, and Political or Religious discussions.
Other (*)
Everything else. Please describe with the least amount of words.
(*) = Comments are required cyclops

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