some questions!!!

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some questions!!!

Post by lastfate on Thu 12 Nov 2009 - 11:39

hi guys
i have some questions because i am new at aion!do u know if abyss work?
is anywhere a good place for xp or drops for lvl 37+?

sorry for this noob questions....!!!!!

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Re: some questions!!!

Post by Perseas on Thu 12 Nov 2009 - 11:52

No abyss dont work yet, but the devs r working on this for about a month
so it should be implemented soon Smile

U can go to belfrost village in beluslan and farm on the weeping banshees,
they r lvl 36 - 37 i think and they drop leather gloves of evil which r a very good loot for an assassin Very Happy
U might want to check this 1 too

Hope that helped.


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