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Black Eagles Legion

Post by Andisx on Thu 12 Nov 2009 - 12:54

Ok guys...
We have expanded our legion into a chat program called XFire

It is a must for every Black Eagle!!
To register visit XFire
Register and follow the steps. It will require you to download the XFire program which is shown above
The program is absolutly safe so don't worry about any malware.
To be part of our XFire Community:
1. Go to XFire Communities & type in "Black Eagles Legion"
2. Press the button "Find a community to Join"
3. Select "Black Eagles Legion" & join

Why should you use Xfire:
XFire is basically the same as Windows Live but since Windows Live is more private we wanted to use Xfire for our Legion....
With Xfire you will be able to chat to all our members and that will make us get to know everyone and we can become a happy family Razz
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