Becoming a Moderator

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Becoming a Moderator

Post by Andisx on Sat 14 Nov 2009 - 9:15

Ok guys
As you probably have noticed we are growing rapidly.. and we will need a staff to man the legion
BUT do not beg for promotions... promotions are earned not requested...
If Alex & Diu think you are classy and able to become a moderator then you will be promoted.. but there is no need to beg for them
To gain the reputation of any staff member you will just have to please them
And with please them i dont mean make them compliments but help the legion grow and help out new Black Eagles

Current staff is made of :
1. Al3x24 (Alex) (Rank: Administrator)
2. The Gunner 46 (Fadio/Diu) (Rank: Administrator)
3. Perseas (Rank: Artwork Moderator)
4. Andisx (@nd!) (Rank: Super Moderator)
5. Araz (Rank: Moderator)

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Re: Becoming a Moderator

Post by The Soldier 24 on Sat 14 Nov 2009 - 11:16

This is very true!!!

I have not come this far to die now!!!!
The Soldier 24

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