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Perseas [The Artwork Moderator]

Post by Perseas on Sat 14 Nov 2009 - 13:01

Hi there guys, this is your Artwork Moderator's introduction:

Name: Perseas ( Dim )
Age: 24
Birthday: 19/05/1985
Gender: Male
Occupation: Artschool Student
Experience: 4 years of online gaming, staff member in 2 clans (CTF clan/Madworld clan,official EXTEEL server)

My Experience:

I've had experience with some L2 guilds and Exteel guilds in some of which i was a staff member.
I spent 2 years in CTF clan (Exteel official server) as a staff member and i was responsible along with 3 other guys for 120 ppl, our clan was specialized in CB's (clan vs clan battles) so i'm very aware of
group battle strategies and how to apply them.

So be sure that we will be a pain in the ass for any enemy of our guild out there.

What i want to do:

I want to help the guys here, Alex(The Soldier 24), Andy(Andisx), Fadio(The Gunner 46) to make a guild in Aion
the tower of eternity, which will be respected by anyone, friend or foe.

I believe that our efforts will bring Dark Eagles Legion right to the top.
I'm sure that with your contribution in what we want to achieve, greatness is inevitable.

What can i do for you:

Well, as i said before, i'm studying to be a graphic designer. I've made the logo and the graphics of our guild, so whatever graphic related u need i'm the man to speak to.

I also have extensive knowledge of the world of Aion so if you have any questions concerning this game
feel free to P.M. me, i'm always glad to help my fellow guildies.

Well, thats it from me, cya guys and have fun !!!


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